TWO & St John's College letters to local resident concerns

Oxford North news

A representative of a group of local residents has recently written to St John's College with concerns about the Oxford North project.

William Donger, on behalf of Thomas White Oxford, replied in writing answering the concerns raised. You can read the letter here.

A second letter was written, to which Professor Andrew Parker, on behalf of the College, replied. You can read the letter here.

TWO has been seeking to realise the vision defined for the site in Oxford City Council’s Area Action Plan of July 2015.

Oxford City Council has issued the following statement:

Oxford North will be a new business community for Oxford, with sustainability at its heart, providing: 4,500 new science and technology jobs, 480 new homes for circa 1,500 people, of which 35%, the equivalent of 168, will be affordable homes, small shops, bars and restaurants, hotel, circa 23 acres of open spaces including three new parks, and significant investment into the walking, cycling, bus and highway networks. Oxford North will boost the economy by circa £150 million per year.

Update: 24 March 2021. Oxford City Council has granted TWO planning permission for Oxford North. You can read the news story here.