A new place to answer tomorrow’s biggest questions

Oxford North is a new innovation
district opening in 2025

Discovery is a team sport

Oxford North is a new innovation district purposefully masterplanned to enable the next century of life-changing discoveries in science and technology.

Facing the future together

Science and technology are converging like never before. It's time for inventors, investors and the wider community to discover what comes next, together.

Great minds need space to race

We’re creating a million sq ft of labs and workspaces, 480 homes and three new public parks, with the first phase opening in the second quarter of 2025.

Scientists are people

Communities only grow where people want to be. Oxford North will be a collection of uplifting, inspiring spaces to think, work, rest, get together and exchange ideas.


Purposefully masterplanned to enable life-changing discoveries

Discovery is a team sport: it takes a village. Oxford North is being designed in a way that brings people together, not only for work but to rest, recharge in nature, eat, exercise and everything in between.


Our approach to ESG

As a future-facing innovation district it’s essential that Oxford North represents exemplar thinking in sustainability. Our ESG approach uses six themes across environmental issues, social value and governance.

AboutMeet the team

Meet the team behind Oxford North

Our project team brings together world-renowned specialists from the realms of science and technology, academia, architecture, masterplanning, development, construction and hospitality.


Job opportunities at Oxford North

With so much going on at Oxford North there will be jobs opening across science and technology, and also throughout the broader facilities and amenities on site. Right now the focus is construction.