The culture of collaboration

Wherever we live or work, we face a significant shift in our personal and professional lives.

Today businesses and their workforce want to be part of mixed urban communities where activities overlap.

Oxford North, previously known as Northern Gateway, will unlock previously inaccessible land to residents, visitors and people passing through, transforming the area with tree-lined streets and a mix of workplaces, homes, leisure, arts and culture, and open green spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Transforming the area

Oxford North will realise the vision of Thomas White Oxford, on behalf of St John’s College, Oxford, to build a sustainable community on 64 acres of land, creating homes and jobs for Oxford.

Working with a world-class team of masterplanners and architects, landscape designers and consultants, and in discussion with Oxford City Council, Oxfordshire County Council, and Oxfordshire LEP, we will be transforming a significant part of Oxford.

It will be bringing together academia and commerce to join forces to turn research into successful businesses and supporting the economy, enabling Oxford to continue to thrive as one of the world’s greatest cities.

Vibrant and dynamic business community

A city site, with urban energy and building density, it will be a place where entrepreneurs, scientists, venture capital and finance, big corporations and all the other groups needed to create business growth can join together.

It will also be a place people come to in the evening for the nightlife, where they stay on after work for a drink and the chance to bump into some new people and swap ideas.

Oxford North will be a business community with a mix of workspaces, homes, leisure, arts and culture, nursery, hotel and open green spaces.

Open spaces

Around 23 acres of open space, equivalent to 15 football pitches, will include three new grassland parks for everyone to enjoy.

The Green will be at the heart of the scheme, a traditional village green that will have a variety of uses and activities for the residents, visitors and businesses.

Playable spaces will be available for children of all ages.

Green corridors will be running along the main roads and routes, with the tree planting absorbing CO2 and providing a welcoming and attractive environment.

Up to £100 million infrastructure investment

Oxford North will be transforming the area to become an exciting extension to the city, creating a highly accessible and connected district.

Helping people to move safely around Oxford North and the local area in the most sustainable ways, up to £100 million will be invested into infrastructure, including £30 million on improving the walking, cycling, bus and highway networks.

Inaccessible fields will be turned into a new sustainable connected community linking to Oxford Parkway, the city centre, Wolvercote, Summertown and a wider range of destinations.


Sustainability is vital to ensure that Oxford North has both a legacy and positive impact on the environment and people’s well-being.

Oxford North will be a place where people can thrive, promoting active lifestyles, in particular through the landscaping and public open spaces.

It will be a positive and sustainable community that will enhance people’s quality of life.

Cycle and pedestrian routes

Providing safe and secure walking and cycling connections is a key transport priority for Oxford North.

Investing in the pedestrian and cycle networks in and around Oxford North and across the broader network is a priority in respect of delivering local transport improvements.

In total, 2.8 miles of new routes will be delivered alongside an investment of more than £5 million to deliver improvements to 2.9 miles of existing routes on the Banbury Road and Woodstock Road corridors.