Response statement: affordable housing

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Further to the Oxford Mail article a spokesperson for Thomas White Oxford said:

“It has never been correct that the proposal for this site will not include any affordable housing. We recognise the need for affordable housing in Oxford and have been in discussion with the City Council over the last 18 months to see how this can best be achieved. It is our stated intention to provide a level of affordable housing of at least 25%, the barrier to providing more is simply the cost of new road and other infrastructure that the project also has to fund. 0% affordable housing will not be acceptable to the City Council nor to Thomas White Oxford.

The City Council is aware of our position through the long series of preliminary discussions that have taken place. We have worked with the City Council to secure Government grants to support some of the infrastructure costs and with this then the 25% minimum is achievable and we hope we can go further.

We will continue to work with the City Council to ensure the provision of affordable housing on the site is optimised. We hope that matters can be resolved as quickly as possible now that the planning application has been validated.”

In response to the 0% on the planning application form:

“As we are still in discussions with the City Council about the level of affordability, the form demands that at this stage, technically the figure is 0% but this does not reflect the full narrative which is in the planning statement, Appendix 7 Affordable Housing Statement and in our above statement.”