Oxfordshire County Council to carry out A40 improvement works trial pits

A40 road improvements project

Thomas White Oxford (TWO) has been informed by Oxfordshire County Council that its contractor, Skanska, will be carrying out A40 road improvement site investigations within the A40 highways boundary and in part on TWO’s land at Oxford North between the Wolvercote roundabout and A34 flyover in August.

The site investigations will take place during weeks commencing 17 August and 24 August 2020 and will involve some mechanically excavated trial pits and hand-dug trial holes which will be reinstated once completed.

The working hours are likely to be Monday to Friday between the hours of 0800 and 1630.

Any questions relating to these works, please email Oxfordshire County Council: A40.BuslaneProject@Oxfordshire.gov.uk.