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Following planning approval by Oxford City Council on 23 March 2021 for outline consent for the overall 64-acre masterplan and detailed consent for the first phase of development in the Central area, we have submitted an enabling works Reserved Matters Application for Oxford North, the new life sciences district for Oxford.

Here we set out what's in the application.
You can review the application and supporting information via Oxford City Council's planning portal.
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The vision

We fundamentally believe that a well-designed public realm can contribute significantly to the quality of the built environment and play a key role in the creation of sustainable, inclusive, mixed communities.

Central Park at Oxford North
New Labs and workspace at Oxford North
First phase

We are submitting a Reserved Matters Application before the first phase of development Central takes place which will provide 140,000 sq ft (13,006 sq m) of laboratories and workspace in three buildings along with the first phase of the new public park.

The application seeks approval for the initial enabling works in Central and Canalside, north and south to the A40 and west of the A44.

What's in the application

The application covers:

- earthworks

- sustainable drainage ponds

- landscaping

- related initial infrastructure required for the new link road construction between the A40 and A44.

Aerial masterplan Oxford North
Oxford North detailed planning consent
What's in the first phase?

We have detailed planning consent to deliver the first phase which covers:

1. A40 transformation

2. Link road between A40 and A44

3. Temporary junction onto A44

4. Labs and workplace buildings and Red Hall

5. Majority of central landscape

6. Temporary car and cycle parking

7. Temporary paths to Canal and Park & Ride

The enabling works are needing to happen before the project's first phases start in Central.

Biodiversity commitment

A Biodiversity Construction Environment Management Plan was submitted as part of the hybrid planning application which sets out a series of measures to ensure appropriate ecology protection.

The proposed works will be carried out in accordance with this plan.

Central Park

"We have designed a new life sciences district which places people at the heart of the design process, acknowledges diversity and difference, offers choice where a single solution cannot accommodate all users, provides for flexibility in use and buildings and environments that are convenient and enjoyable for everyone."

Oxford North RMA April 2021

The Reserved Matters Application seeks approval for the initial enabling works in Central and Canalside, north and south to the A40 and west of the A44 including:

Earthworks across Central and Canalside to provide suitable development platforms as phase 1 comes forward to ensure that material from the site can be re-used within the application boundaries and will not need to be taken off-site and disposed of.

Gentle grading between the existing and proposed land levels to ensure that the level changes sit comfortably within the surrounding landscape.

Provision of attenuation ponds and swales – two ponds will be delivered which are designed to have fluctuating water levels as water passes through following periods of heavy rainfall before being slowly released.

Grass mixes that are suitable for areas of intermittent flooding are proposed. The outfall will provide for suitable attenuated connections to the adjacent watercourse.


Provision of substations – in order to supply electric power to the new laboratories and workspaces, three substations will be provided.

Services – as part of the initial infrastructure and enabling works, relevant services will be laid as part of the earthworks.

Landscaping – temporary and permanent landscaping will include native hedgerow planting and in Eastside, alongside Network Rail’s Oxford and Oxford Parkway line, a double row of native hedgerow planting will enable early growth.

Reseeding will follow earthworks’ completion to stabilise the surface and create an aesthetic outlook for those passing and occupying the initial phases.

An interim maintenance plan will cover regular trimming and watering as required and regular litter picking.


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You can view the application and supporting information and provide your comments via Oxford City Council's planning portal, reference number: 21/01053/RES.