To create the future, you have to plan for change. Which is why Oxford North is the culmination of many years of working collaboratively with many people.

It started with Oxford City Council, along with Oxfordshire County Council as highways authority. Their vision was to transform the area into a home for a thriving science and technology community.

Thomas White Oxford, the development company of St John’s College, with its residential partner, Hill Group, and 50:50 commercial joint venture partners Cadillac Fairview with Stanhope, are also heavily committed to creating such a place. Not just to facilitate life-enhancing science and technology discoveries, but to be a new district of Oxford. A place where people want to live, work, visit and learn. Somewhere which benefits everyone and delivers social value.

Oxford North has been designed by a world-leading team of masterplanners, architects, and specialist consultants, ensuring it connects and enhances the local area with open spaces, public art, events and culture.

At the heart of this project has always been the clear vision that Oxford North is the place people choose to excel in life and work, to be an exciting new place for science, but above all, for Oxford.

Delivering ESG at Oxford North

We’re committed to Oxford North being internationally recognised as an industry leader in delivering on Environmental, Social and Governance charter commitments.

We will do this through aligning the planning, procurement and delivery of every element of the project.

Progress is measured via regular ESG reporting on performance data, benchmarking and performance case studies as set against our priorities.

By constantly adapting and evolving our approach, we’ll ensure Oxford North will be an extraordinary place to live and work.


Our project is a significant and intended stimulant for the local economy and employment market.

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So we have put in place an innovative strategy for attracting skills, employment & business.  We’re working in collaboration with Oxford City Council and OxLEP, ensuring the project creates aspiration and opportunity for local people.

By identifying skills’ gaps and designing training that meets these gaps we are providing a structured pathway for local people to benefit from these opportunities.

What’s more, local education institutions will be regularly invited to engage with design, construction, science and ecology as the project progresses.

We will focus not only on maximising opportunities within the construction and end-use phases of the project, but also new emerging sectors such as augmented reality, virtual reality and digital skills.

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The Board

Connecting academia and industry, the Board is committed to delivering an extraordinary new sustainable place for Oxford.

Connecting academia and industry, the Board is committed to delivering an extraordinary new sustainable place for Oxford.

Bernard Taylor


William Donger

Chief Executive Officer

Prof. Dame Kay Davies


Dame Alison Nimmo DBE

Property and sustainability

Zoe Hancock

Principal Bursar, St John's College

Prof. Andrew Parker


Prof. Jan Obloj


Prof. Jason Schnell


Mark Taylor

Legal Consultant

Matt Dawkes

Chief Financial Officer


With outline masterplan and detailed phase 1a planning permission granted in March 2021, the first phases of labs, workspace, public park, new road, and sustainable drainage ponds are being delivered.

We are now developing our plans for future phases and will continue with our public consultation work.

You will have the chance to view and have your say on these plans.

We are also hosting regular Community Liaison Group meetings where people can come to hear about what’s new on the project and ask questions.

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